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+ What is the WDT?

The Wilson World Demo Tour is the single biggest demo tour in the history of tennis, giving consumers in countries all over the world a chance to try the latest Wilson tennis products and, have fun playing the sport they love.

+ How can I participate?

It’s simple! Simply scroll down to the “FIND YOUR EVENT” section to find an event near you. Click on the event on the map. All you have to do is REGISTER (book a free ticket) and attend to join the excitement.
When registering for an event you automatically become a member of our virtual tennis club and you can benefit from many further advantages in the W | Club. You will receive your log-in data via email!

+ What is in it for me?

A fantastic tennis events awaits you! We will provide you with precious tips and tricks on how to improve your game skills. Look forward to a tennis festival atmosphere with competitions and the latest Wilson products. With your registration, you also become a member of the W | Club and benefit from inside access to the #1 name in the game.

+ Can I bring friends? Is the WDT for all playing levels?

Bring your friends along and challenge them on the court. All of you will benefit from precious tips and tricks and you can try the latest Wilson products. The World Demo Tour is made for players of all levels.

The W | Club is our virtual Club for all Wilson Players and Fans. There you will receive valuable insights about our tour players, our products, our brand and especially great advice to improve your game. Our Wilson Advisory Staff, which is a group of highly experienced tennis coaches from around the world, will give their best advice – only available free of charge for W | Club members. Enjoy the programs and interact with us. We start with the Personal Achievement Plan (PAP).

The PAP is first and foremost a diagnostic tool you can use to quickly assess your game and discover what you need most to improve in order to become more consistent. When used in conjunction with the e-book and instructional videos it also becomes a powerful means for accelerating your development and getting to the next level. Created by world-renown Player Development expert, Sean Brawley, it has proven highly effective in tennis with players at all levels, as well as in other sports.

Are you ready to add Massive Consistency to your tennis game?

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