Sou #TeamWilson há tempos e, agora, feliz de fazer parte do W|Club!


happy to be a part

Looking forward to finding out what’s new and how I can help my students achieve that next level of their game.

Hello from Sunnyvale, ca

My name is drexler Dy I am a coach and player. I teach out of Sunnyvale tennis center for lifetime activities. I also still work on my game and compete in tournaments and leagues. Looking to meet and find other coaches and players in my area!


Happy in wilson family


W club

Happy to join the club

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How do I get Wilson VIP tennis gear

My name is Jeff Wilson. I am a 5.0 tennis player in San Francisco that was recently ranked in the top 10 in the United States in the Men’s 30s age group. I have used Wilson clothing most of my life and would like to get some sweet swag to show off my last name on the court. Most of the Wilson clothing I have found online has the “W” on it, but rarely does it have the word “Wilson.” I have seen some people wearing special Wilson clothing that say Wilson Club or Wilson VIP or Wilson Coach or something to that effect. I am wondering where I can go to get that clothing! Thanks in advance for the response.


Tennis is a great sport.


Can’t wait till weather is nicer so i can play with my Wilson

New Wclub member

So excited

Bruguera Academy Barcelona

We are happy to host any potential group of players willing to train at our academy, anytime during the year. Please check our website