Wilson World Demo Tour – DEMO CLASH in Liepāja!

Wilson World Demo Tour  – DEMO CLASH in Liepāja!

The event will start with the new WILSON CLASH rackets and new LUXILON SMART string presentation. The all participants will be introduced with other new Wilson products (bags, shoes, string etc.) as well. There will be a possibility for all Tenisa Halle – Liepājas Olimpiskais Centrs players to make trial tests.


Date: - 19-08-08
3:00 下午 - 5:00 下午


Tenisa Halle - Liepājas Olimpiskais Centrs
Liedaga iela 7
Liepāja, Latvia
Website: https://loc.lv/lv/tenisa-halle/


组织者: Wilson Latvia
电话: +37167371762
电子邮箱: info@intrad.lv


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